Consular Services


    The consular’s Department at the Palestinian embassy offers the following services for the Palestinians, in order to facilitate the official documents:

    1. Issuance of birth certificates for Palestinian nationals, death certificates and registration of names and addresses of Palestinian nationals residing in Romania for more than six months.
    2. Marriage contracts and ratification when one or both spouses have a Palestinian nationality, in accordance with the legislation and instructions governing it.
    3. Issuing divorce certificates and ratifying them according to the laws in Palestine.
    4. Issuing certificates of recognition of the child when the father is a Palestinian.
    5. Issuing the document proving inheritance after fulfilling the necessary conditions.
    6. Issuing and renewing ordinary passports for Palestinian citizens.
    7. Issuance of certificates of life for Palestinians and foreigners according to the documents, and for use in Palestinian institutions only.
    8. Issuing attorneys of all kinds.
    9. To Procedure all the precautionary measures on the Properties of the Palestinian deceased if the heirs are absent or unknown or lacking in eligibility or there is no one to represent them before the courts.
    10. Ratification of the Arabic translation of documents written in the Romanian language
    11. Ratify the documents issued by the Romanian authorities and approved by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and ratify all documents, signatures and legal statements issued by the official Romanian authorities as well as the ratification of all documents issued by the Palestinian authorities and approved by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



11 Cpt Aviator Gheorghe Marasoiu street, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania

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