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The activity in Romania

In 1972 Romania recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization ( PLO ) as the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

In 1974, a representative Office of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was opened in Bucharest to consolidate diplomatic and political relations between Romania and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The Romanian authorities dealt with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) office in Bucharest, such as dealing with embassies of accredited countries.

The Representative office continued to provide services to Palestinian citizens in Romania, most of whom were students and consular services to Palestinians until 1988.

In 1988, Romania recognized the state of Palestine declared by the Palestinian National Council in the city of Algiers in the autumn of 1988, Romania was the second country after Algeria, which officially recognized the state of Palestine.

In the same year 1988, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) representative in Bucharest became the Embassy of Palestine by a decision of the Romanian authorities. It became the embassy's full rights

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Romania continues its work as an embassy for this history and its most important functions:

- Establishing diplomatic, political, cultural and economic relations between Romania and Palestine.

-To sign  agreements in different  fields (political, diplomatic, educational, cultural, agricultural, tourism, civil defense and judicial agreements) between Romania and Palestine- Providing consular services to the Palestinian community in Romania.



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